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Immersing yourself in Italian media is a great way to continue improving your skills, and it helps you gain a deeper understanding of the Italian language through pop culture and other contexts. Rent Italian films and watch them with Italian subtitles, or no subtitles at all. Focus on understanding the language; soon you should be able to pick up on what the actors are saying. has many Italian language films. There are a number of online Italian language newspapers.

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News In Slow Italian

Alto Adige
This newspaper, started on May 24, 1945 in a basement in Bressanone by members of the Resistance, moved to Bolzano and is the leading newspaper in the area. Two pages a day are published in German as this part of northern Italy was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Today 55% of the shares are controlled by the group that owns La Repubblica and the weekly L'Espresso.

One of the oldest newspapers in the area of the three Venices in northeastern Italy, the first issue was published October 12, 1866 just before Italian troops entered Verona, chasing out the Austrians. (It's easy to forget that once part of northern Italy belonged to Austria.) The paper was named after the famous Roman area in Verona and published by the owners of a local printing press.

The newspaper was born from a fusion between two Catholic dailies, "L'Italia" from Milan and "L'Avvenire d'Italia" in Bologna. In 1989 a group of bishops and Catholic industrialists joined to create a dialog between the ecclesiastical and business worlds. The paper is published in Milan.

Corriere Adriatico
Published in Ancona, on the Adriatic sea, this newspaper made its debut in 1860 under the name Corriere delle Marche to promulgate government decrees by the newly unified Italy. Today it is one of the most popular newspapers in the area.

Corriere della Sera
Italians like to compare Corriere della Sera to the New York Times, considering it the most "national" and prestigious newspaper in Italy. Corriere is also controlled by the Agnelli (Fiat) family.

Corriere delle Alpi
The original paper, called Alto Adige (for the area in northern Italy) was first published in May of 1945 by a group of journalists who were part of the resistance, with news they got from the radio. Published in Italian (many of the area's residents are German speakers), it moved to Bolzano and replaced the fascist newspaper that had been published. Today it is the leading newspaper of the area.

Corriere dello Sport/Stadio
One of the two daily Italian newspapers dedicated primarily to sport, the paper was first published three days a week in 1924, becoming a daily in 1927. Published in Rome, it is distributed throughout Italy.

Gazzetta dello Sport  
The portal of the daily newspaper dedicated to sports.

Gazzetta del Sud

Half of this newspaper's issues are sold in Messina, Sicily, and the other half across the straits of Messina in Calabria. One of the leading papers in the region, it has always been on the cutting edge of technological advances in publishing.

Gazzetta di Mantova
The newspaper began life with a few sheets in 1664 as broadsheets, by January of 1689 it had become the "Gazzetta di Mantova." In 1989 it became part of the L'Espresso group.

Gazzetta di Reggio
The newspaper began in 1860 as a series of legal announcements from police headquarters in Reggio Emilia. Today it is owned by the L'Espresso group.

Giornale di Brescia
The paper was published for the first time April 27, 1945 when Italy was liberated from the Germans. It is considered the leading daily in the area.

Giornale di Sicilia
Giornale di Sicilia has the largest circulation of any paper in Sicily and in published in seven editions with a lot of attention to local news. It was founded in June of 1870.

Il Centro
Il Centro is based in Pescara, in Abruzzo, and has served the surrounding area with regional editions since 1986. Local issues are extensive covered as well as sports. It is partly owned by the Caracciolo (L'Espresso) group.

Il Foglio
Il Foglio is a newspaper reduced to the essence with almost no advertising. It is edited by the imposing Giuliano Ferrari. You must register to consult the archives. The day's edition can be downloaded (and printed if you wish) in the Adobe Acrobat form.  

Il Gazzettino
The leading newspaper of Venice. Founded in 1887 by Gian Piero Talamini, the paper today has nine editions in the Veneto area and is owned by a group of industrialists including Benetton and luxury shoemaker Rene' Fernando Caovilla.

Il Giornale di Vicenza
Published in the northern industiral city of Vicenza, it is the leading newspaper, with careful attention to local affairs.

Il Giorno
Founded in 1956, Il Giorno was quite revolutionary at its time, with eight vertical collumns instead of nine, short attention-getting headlines, and the facts right up front. In March of 2001 it switched to tabloid format. One of Milan's leading dailies.

Il Golfo
The newspaper of Ischia, the island near Naples.

Il Manifesto
A daily paper with decidedly leftist leanings published in Rome. It has always been very political and is currently undergoing financial difficulties.

Il Mattino
The most important newspaper of Naples. It belongs to the Caltagirones, who also own Rome's popular daily Il Messagero.

Il Mattino di Padova
Published in Padua.

Il Messaggero
Il Messagero is the most popular daily newspaper in Rome.

Il Piccolo

Il Resto del Carlino
One of the most respected newspapers in Italy, published in Bologna.

Il Secolo XIX
Published in Genoa.

Il Sole 24 Ore
The country's leading daily finnacial newspaper, the Sunday edition has a special arts section, detailed and complete. The newspaper is owned by the Confindustria, equivalent of the National Association of Manufacturers in the United States. Their news is supposed to be independent, but just so you know.

Il Tempo
A daily traditionally conservative newspaper published in Rome.

Il Tirreno
Published in Livorno (also called Leghorn) on the western coast of Italy.  

Italia Oggi
Italia Oggi is dedicated mostly to economic, financial, and judicial news. It was founded in November of 1986. It is owned by Paolo Panerai's Class Editori and published in Milan. The day's edition can be downloaded (and printed if you wish) in the Adobe Acrobat form.  

La Gazzetta dello Sport
Born in 1896, this is one of the three daily sports newspapers in Italy, published in eight cities on pink newsprint. The web has detailed information of sporting events. Demo versions of sports videogames can be downloaded. On Saturdays a color magazine, Sport Week, with unseen and exclusive photographs, comes with the newspaper.

La Nazione
The paper hit the streets of Florence on July 4, 1859. It has a long and glorious history, and is owned today by the group of Andrea Monti Riffeser. It is Florence's most important newspaper and is also distributed in Umbria and the province of La Spezia.

La Nuova Ferrara
This young newspaper (1989) is published in the city of Ferrara in northeastern Italy dedicates careful attention to local affairs and for this reason beats competition like Bologna's Il Resto del Carlino.

La Nuova Sardegna
Published in Sardinia.

La Nuova Venezia
One of the newspapers published in Venice.

La Padania

La Provincia Pavese
Serving the province of Pavia.     http://www.laprovincia.pv

La Sicilia
Published in Sicily.     http://www.lasicilia.

La Tribuna di Treviso
Treviso is the center of the north-east area, one of the most productive and richest in Italy.

La Repubblica
La Repubblica is one of Italy's two national daily newspapers. One of the most complete sites of an Italian newspaper, it provides continuous news, articles about soccer, quotes from the Italian stock market, the newspaper, possibility of constructing a personal web, weather, art, news from 40 Italian cities, free e-mail, used cars and news about automobiles, an open forum, and Katalogo, an Italian search engine.  

La Stampa
This newspaper is published in Turin (Torino in Italian) and is owned by the Agnelli family, who also control the city's biggest industry, Fiat automobiles. Need we say more? www.lastampa.

L'Eco di Bergamo
One of Italy's traditions is the Catholic newspaper, of which there were 26 in 1893. L'Eco di Bergamo is one of the three remaining, and had the same editor, Monsignor Spada, from 1938 to 1989 and who is now the director of the editorial page.

Since 1883 the paper has been considered an institution by the citizens of Piacenza, a city in northern Italy near Milan. It's read not only in Piacenza but in many surrounding areas. The Espresso Group is a minor shareholder.

L'Osservatore Romano
The official daily newspaper published by the Vatican.

L'Unione Sarda
The most important paper of the island of Sardinia.  

For the moment this historic organ of the Italian communist party has ceased to publish on paper but can be found online.   http://www.unita.

Nuova Gazzetta di Modena
Born in 1859 the newspaper has undergone various ownerships but has now found a voice dedicating itself to the affairs of this industrious city, home of, among other important industries, the Ferrari racing and street car.