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The Hershey Italian Lodge (HIL) has been located and operated in the heart of Hershey, PA since 1920. It was established by a small group of Italian men and given the name "Nuova Societa Italiana Indipendente Di Mutuo Soccorso Per Uomini." In Italian, the translation is the Men’s New Independent Italian Mutual Benefit Society. The Lodge is a private social club that includes a bar and restaurant serving a traditional style Italian menu, a newly-renovated banquet hall, an also newly-renovated meeting and smaller banquet space on the lower level and a full-size kitchen. The Lodge also includes a full-sized bocce court with a very active league.

The primary goal of the lodge is to preserve our Italian heritage and build a strong, close community. Our mission statement is, “…to provide a comfortable, friendly, affordable, family atmosphere for our members and guests.” The saying “Ieri, Oggi, Domaini, Sempre Fratelli” is the motto of the lodge. Translated, this means, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Always Brothers”. There are currently approximately 3,000 total members; although a large population of the membership has relocated to areas outside of Hershey.

The primary membership is the “Active” membership, which is open to males ages  21 years or older and of Italian decent. The club also offers a “Ladies Auxiliary” membership, as well as, a “Social” membership; both are open to the public. 

Ieri, Oggi, Domaini, Sempre Fratelli
(Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Always Brothers)
— Hershey Italian Lodge motto


Memberships are varied and include the following: 

- Newsletter of events

- Band nights

- Special Member Events

- Alcohol Beverage Privileges (members may pay for guests)

- Holiday events and functions

- Supports community projects and charities 

- Bocce League, Pool League & Golf League and Tournament

- Lodge-Sponsored Bus Trips

- Beverage & Food specials in our restaurant

- Convenient online renewal

- Permanent membership cards

- A Great place where friends meet and to make new friends!

2018 Membership Renewals 

Renew Your Membership

Click the link to renew now!

Click the link to renew now!

It's that time of year again!  Please make sure that you renew your membership for 2018, to continue patronizing the club. You may only RENEW memberships on this site, you CANNOT request a new membership here.  Renewing members will not receive a new card, you will continue to use the card you have from 2017.  We will make the change on our end to extend your membership through December 31, 2018.  

Remember that this is for renewing of memberships only. See below for new memberships. 
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  • $35 (age 64 & under)
  • $20 (spouse of a member age 64 & under)
  • $30 (age 65 & over)
  • $15 (spouse of a member age 65 & over)


New Memberships

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Hershey Italian Lodge, feel free to stop by the club and ask any bartender for a membership application. 

Applications must be filled out at the club and can not be taken along and the dues amount must be paid at the time of completing the application.  The bartender will submit the application to the office and the Board of Directors will approve new memberships at their General Assembly meeting, which is the 2nd Sunday of each month. 

You will receive a membership card the week following approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Hershey Italian Lodge Executive Board

2017 Executive Board

  • James Pronio – President
  • Wayne Tulli – 1st Vice President
  • Pete Camacci – 2nd Vice President
  • John Mull– Financial Secretary
  • Richard Sontag – Corresponding Secretary
  • John Mull – Treasurer
  • Trustees:  George Pichini, Andy Fischer, Steve Cameron, Roger Pellegrini, Jim Mandes & Steve Pichini

Active Members:

The following are the general assembly meetings for the year 2016.  All meetings will be held on the second Sunday of the month and will start at 6 PM in the board room, with the exceptions of the February meeting due to Valentine’s Day and the May meeting due to Mother’s Day which both fall on the second Sunday, so those two months will be the third Sunday. 


  • February 21--By-law changes
  • March 13
  • April 10
  • May 15
  • June 12
  • July--No Meeting
  • August--No Meeting 
  • September 11
  • *October 15--Nominations for 2018 Executive Board
  • *November 12--Elections for 2017 Executive Board(1-3 pm) – NO formal meeting
  • December 11


The Executive Board meetings are held the Wednesday before General Assembly meetings.

Memorial Board

There are spaces available to have a plaque memorializing family and friends on the Italian Lodge Memorial Board.  Each plaque costs $100 and this includes the printing and placement of your plaque on the board.  To request a plaque, contact the office at 534-1765, ext. 1.

Father’s Day Raffle Winners

Cash Prizes

  • $1000 – Melanie Weller, Norfolk VA
  • $500 – Mary Jane Haase, Middletown
  • $250 – Robert Regan, Mechanicsburg
  • $200 – John Mearkle, Hummelstown
  • $150 – Darrell Eckert, Palmyra
  • $100 – Neil Hollis, Harrisburg
  • $50 – Anne Camacci, Harrisburg
  • $50 – Samuel Sehar, Harrisburg
  • $50 – Robert Clark, Mechanicsburg
  • $50 – Michelle Stehman, Lebanon


$20 Gift Card Winners

  • Jon Ream, Lebanon
  • Bob Chango, Hershey
  • Kelly Olson, Harrisburg
  • Wayne Schutz, Harrisburg
  • Pat Fink, Harrisburg
  • Angelo Paioletti, Hershey
  • Trace Romberger, Annville
  • Robert Safko, Harrisburg
  • Samuel Musolin, Elizabethtown
  • David Volkman, Harrisburg